What Are You Afraid Of?


The following is a dialogue between someone I know and someone else I know. Hopefully it will make sense to you for the most part. I like writing scripts so this just kind of stumbled out of me. When you’re done reading… whether it makes sense to you or not… let me know in the comments: What are you afraid of? I mean REALLY afraid of?


What are you afraid of?

That I’ll be forgotten. A failure that’s gone missing but nobody even knows or cares that she’s gone.

Hasn’t that already happened?

Yes. Kind of. I guess.

What’s left to be afraid of?

That I can’t come back.

Why do you want to come back?

I’m lonely. I don’t like it here.

What’s so bad about being lonely? You used to love being alone.

That’s when it was a choice. When I was taking some time out for…

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